Lead Mobile Developer

One is solving a big problem.  One is changing the way people communicate, interact, and socialize with people.   We miss millions of opportunities because of the lack of knowledge of the people around us.  Think to yourself.  How have you met the important people in your life (friends, relationships, co-workers)?  Most of these people you probably met by chance.  We have so little control over these situations that have such profound impact. This is the problem we are fixing.  To be clear, the problem is a lack of knowledge of who and what is around us.  

One is a mobile application that notifies you when there are people around you that share your interests.  Think of it as a way to ask the people right next to you thousands of questions and get notified if they answer yes enough times.  

One is backed by the most famous investors and advisors in Silicon Valley like Ron Conway (Google, Ask Jeeves, PayPal), True Ventures (Wordpress), Keith Rabois (COO Square, Paypal, Linkedin), Jason Oberfest (ngmoco and MySpace), Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber’s Manager), and more! 

A little bit about the co-founders: 

Michael Callahan - he is one of the world’s most innovative people in the mobile space.  He is the brains behind the world’s first voiceless phone call. This technology won Popular Science’s Invention of the Year.  Now, he is working on his next revolutionary technology, One.

Cory Levy - he is a young entrepreneur with years of startup experience.  At 15, he was the first intern at NutShell Mail (acquired by Constant Contact). He then went on to work while in high school at TechStars, Union Square Ventures, DFJ Mercury, and the Founders Fund.  He is the creator of NextGen Conference, a conference bringing together young entrepreneurs with more experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Previous speakers include: Peter Thiel (Founder of PayPal), Ellen Pao (Kleiner Perkins), and Mark Suster (GRP Partners).  Now, he is spending all of his time on One.   

One is seeking a self-directed engineer with a desire to build robust, scalable, and exciting mobile applications. We are specifically looking for an engineer to lead our iPhone development. 

Responsibilities are to lead the iPhone development for One and take an instrumental role in growing One.  


    •    3+ years software development experience

    •    1+ years building native mobile clients

    •    Strong working experience with iOS and/or Android development

    •    Experience with other mobile platforms is a plus (Android)

    •    Objective-C required

    •    PHP, MYSQL (LAMP) and other web languages are a big plus

    •    Leadership and a desire to take charge and work in a fast-paced environment

    •    Culture - friendly extraverted, super passionate about life, many interests, child prodigies

    •    Strong collaborative skills and flexibility in fulfilling multiple roles 

    •    Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science or related; or equivalent work experience

   •    Top engineering school drop outs are good too :)  

If you are interested, please send me an email (with your LinkedIn Profile, Web Presences, Resume, or simply a note):